CTC is proud to offer one-of-a-kind traffic signal cabinet training classes. The two-day class covers the history, nomenclature, components, and features of traffic cabinets and dedicates a full day to hands-on troubleshooting. 

Our Traffic Signal Cabinet Mobile Learning Lab is on tour and is likely coming to a city near you! For information on our class schedule or to request a future class in your area, call 800-488-8841. Class size is limited!

With multiple systems installed across municipalities, traffic technicians can easily be confused and overwhelmed when trying to troubleshoot a traffic signal cabinet... but with the hands-on training and support at the CTC Mobile Learning Lab, I am now able to look in a cabinet and diagnose, isolate, and repair problems with confidence.
— Jonathan Elliot, Haltom City, Texas

Day One/Intro To A Traffic Signal Cabinet
Learning Objectives:

  • Major Compnents in a NEMA Cabinet
  • Fundamentals of Electricity: Volts, Amps, Watts, Ohms Law
  • The History of the NEMA Cabinet
  • Features of a NEMA Controller
  • Breaking through the nomenclature: NEMA, ATC TS-1, TS-2, etc.
  • Conflict Monitor (MMU)
  • Bus Interface Unit (BIU), the Load Switch and the Flasher
  • Police Panel, the Card Rack, and the Power Panel
  • Cabinet Print Reading and Application

Day Two/Troubleshooting Cabinets
Learning Objectives:

  • Hands-On Troubleshooting Clinic
  • The "Rules of the Road"
  • Utilizing "Best Practices"