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- Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)
- Bulldog and Navigator Push Buttons

Sold in TX, OK, NM, and KS.
Found on TXSmartBuy and HGACBuy.


- Mounting Hardware, Poles, & Anchors

Sold in TX, OK, NM and AR.

Microhard Systems, Inc.

- Traffic Signal Radio Communications

Sold in TX, OK, AR, and NM.
Found on HGACBuy

Pelco Structural

- Traffic Signal Mast-Arm Poles
- Traffic Signal Luminaire Poles

Sold in TX, KS, and MO.


- Driver Feedback Signs

Sold in NM.

Global Traffic Technologies, LLC

- Opticom Preemption Systems
- Canoga Traffic-Sensing System

Sold in TX, OK, NM, and AR.
Found on HGACBuy.


- Overhead Street Lighting
- LED Traffic Signal Lamps & Pedestrian Modules

Sold in TX and NM.
Found on HGACBuy.


APC by Schneider Electric

- Battery Backup Systems

Sold in TX and LA.

Southern Manufacturing

- LED Illuminated Street Name Signs
- CCTV & ITS Cabinets

Sold in TX, OK, NM, AR, and LA.
Found on HGACBuy

Myers Power Products, Inc.

- Battery Backup Systems
- Electric Service

Sold in TX, OK, AR, and NM.

RTC Manufacturing, Inc.

- Guardian Monitored Traffic Systems
- School Zone Flasher Systems & Time Switches

Sold in TX, OK, NM, AR, and LA.
Found on TXSmartBuy and HGACBuy.

McCain, Inc.

- Signal Controllers, Cabinets, & Accessories
- Traffic Signals

Sold in TX, LA, and NM.
Found on HGACBuy.

M.H. Corbin

- Traffic Counter / Analyzers
- Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) Systems

Sold in TX, OK, and AR.
Found on TXSmartBuy and HGACBuy.


- Managed, NEMA-Rated Ethernet Switches

Sold in TX, OK, NM, AR, KS, and LA.
Found on HGACBuy

Ameron Poles

- Traffic Signal Mast-Arm Poles
- Street Lighting Poles

Sold in NM, AR, and OK.

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